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The co-chairs and organizing committee seek proposals for original research projects to be presented at the Third Annual Kentucky Gender & Women’s Studies Conference (KYGWS) scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. We welcome submissions for individual papers, panels, workshops, and poster presentations.

This conference aims at creating an intellectually stimulating space where participants can express and exchange thoughts about both classic academic arguments and contemporary political disputes. The conference theme is “TransBorders - Foggy Boundaries, Fuzzy Binaries,” through which we want to dismantle various material and conceptual borders, exploring and broadening the space of in-betweenness——existences beyond and across borders. The term “border” can be understood quite broadly, including but not limited to gender and sex binaries, racial differences, class boundaries, national borders, and all forms of difference-making. How are differences created and upheld – discursively, politically, socially, legally. Here are some subthemes:

  • Transgender studies and politics
  • Queer studies and activism
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Gender roles and stereotypes
  • Intersectionality and assemblage theory
  • Class critiques
  • Immigrant studies and activism
  • Transnational analyses
  • Body politics
  • Disability studies and politics
  • Animal studies
  • Affect Studies
  • Appalachian studies
  • Critical regional studies