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The organizing committee of the Kentucky Gender & Women’s Studies Conference is happy to announce the Fourth Annual Kentucky GWS Conference. In 2020, the conference was canceled due to the pandemic. We are still not out of the woods, hence this year we will hold the conference virtually. This year’s theme of the conference is “Gender, Sex, and Politics: On Power, Identity and Biopolitics.” In the past decade, the world has seen a rise in the anti-gender right -wing movements. The political gains made by right-wing parties in various countries have paved the way for conservative laws that have a negative impact on bodily autonomy of women, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disability, and minority populations in multiple countries. 

Hence, this year, the theme of the conference will address the issues faced by people all across the world in terms of bodily rights and autonomy. We invite original research papers, poster presentations and workshops on this theme. This conference aims to create an intellectually stimulating space for graduate students, activists and faculty to exchange and develop their thoughts on contemporary academic/political conversations across different disciplines, approaches, and positions. 

Potential themes/topics might encompass biopolitics, bodily autonomy, reproductive justice, affect, disability studies, and bodies that occupy liminal spaces within hegemonic systems. We are particularly interested in work from fields including (but not limited to): 

  • Queer & Transgender Studies
  • Reproductive justice
  • Disability Studies and justice
  • Relation between laws and right to bodily autonomy
  • Bodily Rights in the time of the pandemic
  • Intersectionality of bodily and human rights
  • Right to health and health services
  • Movements for bodily rights and dignity
  • Body politics 
  • Bodily Autonomy 
  • Biopolitics

Gender and Women’s Studies is intersectional and transdisciplinary. Therefore, works from all disciplines are welcomed. All submissions from graduate students, faculty, and activists will be considered. If you are interested in areas that are not listed here, please send your inquiry to us at kygwsconference@gmail.com.